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Technology, Progress and Ethics


Romano Guardini
Date Title From
1925 Man and Technique

Letters from lake Como, from the letter IX.

J. Robert Oppenheimer
Date Title From
1948 Physics in the Contemporary World

J. R. Oppenheimer, Physics in the Contemporary World, 1948.

Robert Andrew Millikan
Date Title From
1950 The Two Supreme Elements in Human Progress

Engineering and Science, Caltech Institute,1950

Max Born
Date Title From
1951 Physics in my Generation

From the postscript to The Restless Univers 

Albert Einstein
Date Title From
1955 The Russell-Einstein Manifesto

B. Russell, J. Rotblat, Manifesto Press Conference, 9 July 1955

Hans Jonas
Union of Concerned Scientists
Date Title From
1992 World Scientists' Warning to Humanity

World Scientists' Warning to Humanity

Jurgen Mittelstrass
Date Title From
1995 Ethics in Science - Substance or Rhetoric?

Revolutionary Changes in Understanding Man and Society

David F. Noble
Date Title From
1997 The Ascent of the Saints: Space Exploration

The Religion of Technology, 1997