Science and Religions for peace

What we are experiencing these days, due to the war in Ukraine, challenges our consciences. As members of the DISF Research Center, we feel compelled to deliver a brief reflection. We are encouraged by the many scientific organizations that in these days have issued statements condemning the Russian invasion of the Ukrainian State and expressing solidarity with those who are suffering the consequences of this war, especially the many civilians besieged in the major cities of Ukraine, whose critical conditions are under everyone's eyes and are for us cause of suffering [read more]

It happened on JULY 4


Guido Grandi died in Pisa. Religious camaldolese and mathematician, he was also a professor of mathematics at the University of Pisa. It deals with studies on conical and widespread in Italy calculus.


Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli died in Milan. He was director of the Brera Observatory in Milan, significantly enhancing its instruments by installing a 50 cm Mertz refractor telescope that for many years was the biggest Italian telescope. He was noted for his observations of Mars, upon whose surface he detected the existence of structures he called “canals,” which were later shown to be natural configurations of Mar’s orography. He also took part, as a scientist who entertained the possibility, in a debate about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. In May of 1909, he wrote: “How is it not possible that a science like astronomy is not favorable to religion, since the study of astronomy can lead one to unceasing homage to the Supreme wisdom that governs the world? In astronomy, every discovery is a new hymn of marvel and adoration that arises from every soul having the capacity for the great and the beautiful” (quoted by H. Muschalek, Dio e gli scienziati, Roma 1972, p. 389).

On the Human Dimensions of Scientific Knowledge


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