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Giuseppe Peano died in Turin. He was a mathematician and logician, born August 27, 1858 at the Tetti Galant farm in the hamlet of Spinetta (in Cuneo, Italy). He had an enormous influence on Bertrand Russell, philosopher and mathematician, adopted within a reductionist outlook.

In Memory of John C. Polkinghorne (1930-2021)

John Polkinghorne, one of the most active, known and loved personalities in the field of Science and Religion studies, passed away on last March, 9. He was born in Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom, on October 16, 1930. Templeton Prize in 2002, Polkinghorne was a man of science. Until the age of 50, he had worked in the field of elementary particles as a theoretical physicist. [Read more]

The Human Factor in Science

Readings on the Human Factor in Science: an approach to Scientific Humanism, an introduction by G. Tanzella-Nitti

The scientific experience of knowledge, by E. Cantore (1977) 

On the intellectual passion in scientific research, by M. Polaniy (1958) 

The two supreme elements in human progress, by R. A. Millikan (1950) 

Humanism and humanity, by Th. Dobzhansky (1967) 

Science as a culture: A critical appreciation, by C. N. R. Rao (2002) 

From the INTERS articles: E. Cantore, Science, The Humanistic Significance of


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