It happened on OCTOBER 4

Today is the liturgical feast of St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1226), the patron saint of Italy. St. Francis embodied a vision of nature that reflects a loving and providential image of God. Nature is no longer an impersonal, sacralized mother, but rather joins man as a sister in praising God the Father. In Catholic theology, Franciscan spirituality has inspired contemporary reflections on ecology. Pope Francis explicitely reffered to St. Francis in the publication of his Encyclical Laudato si.


The Gregorian Calendar was fully implemented throughout Europe, replacing the Julian Calendar. Pope Gregory XIII had instigated the reform, which the German Jesuit mathematician Clavius gave its final touch. On behalf of the Pope, he set the first day of the Gregorian Calendar as October 15, skipping ten days from the last day of the Julian Calendar on October 4, in order to synchronize the new calendar with the seasons.

In 1947, Max Planck died in Göttingen (Germany). A German theoretical physicist, he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918 for his development of quantum theory. A defender of cognitive realism and an author of many philosophical works, his vision of the relationship between religion and science was a harmonious one.

400th Anniversary: Blaise Pascal's birth (1623 - 1662)


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