First images from the James Webb Space Telescope: while showing us the depths of the cosmos, they show us the depths of human beings

Today's date of Tuesday, July 12, 2022, is destined to remain for a long time in the memory of scientists as one of the great dates in astrophysics. The first color images and spectroscopic data collected in previous weeks by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the new space telescope launched last Dec. 25, 2021, have been released today by NASA, ESA and CSA, respectively the U.S., European and Canadian space agencies.
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It happened on AUGUST 7


Jöns Jakob Berzelius died in Stockholm. A Swedish chemist, he invented the modern chemical notation and, together with John Dalton, Antoine Lavoisier, and Robert Boyle, is considered one of the fathers of modern chemistry.


The U.S. satellite Explorer 6 was launched from Cape Canaveral and became the first space probe to transmit photographs of the Earth from space.


During the Wednesday catechesis dedicated to the mystery of the triune God, John Paul II said: '' I am Who I am. "The God who answers with these words to Moses is also the Creator of heaven and earth. [...] The world "create" means not to possess in ourselves the source, the reason of existence, but receive it by "an Other." [...] Unlike God, who is "the Need", entities that receive the existence from Him, i.e. all the creatures, they can not exist: the being is not their essence: bodies are "contingent" ».


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