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Francesco Faà di Bruno received his doctorate in mathematical sciences at the University of Paris under Augustine Cauchy’s direction. That same year he published his two dissertations, one in mathematics and one in astronomy. The intellectual climate of Turin’s universities at the time, which was unfavorable to Catholicism, kept him from being appointed to the Chair of Higher Analysis at the University of Turin until 1876. He was an exceptionally prominent figure in the 19th century and in Piedmontese Catholicism. In addition to being a university professor, he was a musician, and he also founded and implemented social works and scientific research and journalism projects. On September 25, 1988, Pope John Paul II declared him Blessed.

Beauty and Wonder in Science

Scientific Beauty and Wonder Everywhere, by Geoffrey Wollard (2021)
The scientific experience of ultimates: Wonder, by E. Cantore (1977)
The meaning of beauty in exact natural science, by W.K. Heisenberg (1970)
Beauty and the quest for beauty in science, by S. Chandrasekhar (1979)

From the INTERS Articles: W. Derske, Beauty

Suggested readings:
Engineering, beauty and a longing for the infiniteby M.A. Mooney, Scientific American (2019)
How beauty is making scientists rethinking evolution, by F. Jabr, The New York Times Magazine (2019)
Truth and beauty in physics and biology, by Ben D. MacArthur, Nature Physics (2021)


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