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Wernher Magnus Maximilian von Braun was born in Wirsitiz (which is now in Poland, but was in Germany at the time of his birth). An astronautics engineer, during World War II he directed a group of scientists who designed and built the V1 and V2 combat rockets that were used by the Germans against the Allies. In 1945, he and his scientific team surrendered to the Americans and were transferred to the United States where he turned his engineering talents toward aerospace engineering, becoming the first director of NASA, from 1958 through 1972. In his writings and lectures he was an ardent supporter of a futurist vision of mankind, which he saw as being achieved through ever wider spatial horizons.

Genes and culture in human evolution: What Pääbo's work adds to the question

I. Colagè, Introduction: human progressive uniqueness between genes and culture

The Nobel Assembly, The Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine to Svante Pääbo, for his discoveries concerning the genomes of extinct hominins and human evolution

The video and the slides of professor Pääbo's Nobel Lecture, where he tells the origin of his research interests, the methods he developed, and the results he achieved with their theoretical and pratical implications

R. Dulbecco, "A Turning Point in Cancer Research: Sequencing the Human Genome"Science, 1986

Th. Dobzhansky and M.F. Ashley Montagu, "Natural Selection and the Mental Capacities of Mankind"Science, 1947

C. Renfrew, The concept of evolution as applied to the development of human cultures, 2009

J. C. Polkinghorne, Mind and matter: A physicist's view, 2009

K. Rahner, The Problem of Evolution as Seen by Theology, 1981


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