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Special Issues

400th Anniversary: Blaise Pascal's birth (1623 - 1662)

Genes and culture in human evolution: What Pääbo's work adds to the question

I. Colagè, Introduction: human progressive uniqueness between genes and culture

The Nobel Assembly, The Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine to Svante Pääbo, for his discoveries concerning the genomes of extinct hominins and human evolution

The video and the slides of professor Pääbo's Nobel Lecture, where he tells the origin of his research interests, the methods he developed, and the results he achieved with their theoretical and pratical implications

R. Dulbecco, "A Turning Point in Cancer Research: Sequencing the Human Genome"Science, 1986

Th. Dobzhansky and M.F. Ashley Montagu, "Natural Selection and the Mental Capacities of Mankind"Science, 1947

C. Renfrew, The concept of evolution as applied to the development of human cultures, 2009

J. C. Polkinghorne, Mind and matter: A physicist's view, 2009

K. Rahner, The Problem of Evolution as Seen by Theology, 1981

First images from the James Webb Space Telescope: while showing us the depths of the cosmos, they show us the depths of human beings

Today's date of Tuesday, July 12, 2022, is destined to remain for a long time in the memory of scientists as one of the great dates in astrophysics. The first color images and spectroscopic data collected in previous weeks by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the new space telescope launched last Dec. 25, 2021, have been released today by NASA, ESA and CSA, respectively the U.S., European and Canadian space agencies.
[Read more]

On the Human Dimensions of Scientific Knowledge

Beauty and Wonder in Science

Scientific Beauty and Wonder Everywhere, by Geoffrey Wollard (2021)
The scientific experience of ultimates: Wonder, by E. Cantore (1977)
The meaning of beauty in exact natural science, by W.K. Heisenberg (1970)
Beauty and the quest for beauty in science, by S. Chandrasekhar (1979)

From the INTERS Articles: W. Derske, Beauty

Suggested readings:
Engineering, beauty and a longing for the infiniteby M.A. Mooney, Scientific American (2019)
How beauty is making scientists rethinking evolution, by F. Jabr, The New York Times Magazine (2019)
Truth and beauty in physics and biology, by Ben D. MacArthur, Nature Physics (2021)

In Memory of John C. Polkinghorne (1930-2021)

John Polkinghorne, one of the most active, known and loved personalities in the field of Science and Religion studies, passed away on last March, 9. He was born in Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom, on October 16, 1930. Templeton Prize in 2002, Polkinghorne was a man of science. Until the age of 50, he had worked in the field of elementary particles as a theoretical physicist. [Read more]

The Human Factor in Science

Readings on the Human Factor in Science: an approach to Scientific Humanism, an introduction by G. Tanzella-Nitti

The scientific experience of knowledge, by E. Cantore (1977) 

On the intellectual passion in scientific research, by M. Polanyi (1958) 

The two supreme elements in human progress, by R. A. Millikan (1950) 

Humanism and humanity, by Th. Dobzhansky (1967) 

Science as a culture: A critical appreciation, by C. N. R. Rao (2002) 

From the INTERS articles: E. Cantore, Science, The Humanistic Significance of

Science and Faith in the Coronavirus Epoch, by G. Tanzella-Nitti

We are living in an unprecedented time. For nearly all of us, we could compare things to the last world war, with its global reach and extent of the measures taken, as we heard from our grandparents, or in my case from my parents. The whole world is involved. But so is the whole man, the whole person: scientific research, emotions, feelings, relationships, personal beliefs [read more]

Science and Theology on the Metaphor of the Book of Nature

Augustine  of Hippo (354-430), On the Book of Nature, a selection of quotes

Bonaventure of Bagnoregio (1221-1274), selected texts on the Metaphor

The Understanding of the Book of Nature according to Galileo Galilei (1564- 1642)

Nature as a Book in Robert Boyle's Works (1627-1691)    

Book of Nature: Origin and Development of the Metaphor (2019), by Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti

The Context of the Book of Nature in Patristic and Medieval Theology (2020), by Oskari Juurikkala

George Coyne has left us: a personal remembering

George Coyne, a Jesuit astronomer former Director of the Vatican Observatory from 1978 to 2006, left us on February 11. He died in Syracuse, New York, as a consequence of a cancer contracted years earlier. [Read more]

Theories of Evolution: the Roots of Recent Developments

On the way to the Moon: memories and documents 50 years later

The Descent of Man on the Moon: Some Historical Images

D. F. Noble, The Ascent of the Saints: Space Exploration (1997)

Von Braun said: "Human space travel is God's will", from an interview by Oriana Fallaci (1965)

Paul VI, General Audience, 23 July 1969

Paul VI, Message delivered to the Astronauts of Apollo 11, July 1969

Jacques Arnould, Astronautics, from INTERS Encyclopedia

Giuseppe Reibaldi, Next Stop in Space: the Moon (2019)

IAU members vote a resolution to recommend renaming the Hubble Law as the Hubble-Lemaître law. More information.

400 years from the Discovery of Kepler's Third Law

Kepler's Third Law and the "Harmonices Mundi" by Alessandro Giostra (2018)

Suggested Readings:

Kepler's View on Biblical Exegesis in "Astronomia Nova" (1609)

Astronomy and Speculation into the Celestial Harmonies (1619)

Prayers to God Creator in "Harmonies of the World" (1619)

Romano Guardini: 50 years from his death

Romano Guardini: a look to the future, by Francisco Fernández Labastida (2018)

Suggested readings:

Man and Technique (1925)

Faith and Reason in Blaise Pascal’s Memorial (1935)

The Persistence of Christian Signs in a Secularized Society (1950)

March 14, 2018: Stephen Hawking left us

One of the most renowned scientists of the XX century died in Cambridge, by Giuseppe Tanzella Nitti

See the special issue of Nature dedicated to Stephen Hawking


 A letter from the PCC Assembly has been delivered to Pope Francis on November 24 2017 requesting the revision of the Monitum (1962) on the works of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. (Read more

700 years from the birth of St. Bonaventure

The Philosophy of St. Bonaventure On Creation, Etienne Gilson (1938)

The six forms of Light unified in the unique divine creation, from On the Reduction of the Arts to Theology (1255-1257)

On the Steps of Ascension into God and on the Sight of Him Through His Vestiges in the Universe, from The Journey of the Mind into God (1259)

On the Sight of God in His Vestiges in the Sensible World, from The Journey of the Mind into God (1259)

"The Language of God": on the bestseller book written in 2006 by the head of the Human Genome Project

Selected texts from The Language of God. A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief

What I Ask to Believers and Scientists
Cristianity's Reasons of Credibility for a Scientist

God vs. Science, R. Dawkins and F. Collins interviewed by D. Cray (2006)

The Scientist as Believer, Francis Collins interviewed by J. Horgan (2009)

What is the BioLogos Project?

Joseph Ratzinger's 90 years: suggested readings between Faith and Reason

Reflections on the Foundations of Law, Visit to the Bundestag, Berlin (2011)

Discourse and Homily for the Beatification of John Henry Newman, London - Birmingham (2010)

Lecture prepared for the visit to the University "La Sapienza", Rome (2008)

Speech delivered at the Catholic University of America, Washington (2008)

The Truth of ChristianityLecture given at the University of Sorbonne, Paris (1999)

Christmas readings

On the difference between Platonists and Christianity concerning the doctrine of the Logos, Confessions, Book VII, c. 9, Augustine of Hippo (397-400)
The design of God in the incarnation, Sermons, XXII, 1-2, Leo the Great (461)
The Christmas Sun, Hugo Rahner (1963)
He became a man, Benedict XVI (2013)

Einstein and Lemaître: 50° Anniversary of George's Lemaître's death (1849-1966) and 100 years of Albert Einstein's General Relativity (1916)

Einstein and Lemaître, two friends, two cosmologies..., by Dominique Lambert
When I met Albert Einstein, by George Lemaître (1957)
Relativity, theory of, by Alberto Strumia
The Pius XII - Lemaître Affair (1951-1952) on Big Bang and Creation, by G. Tanzella-Nitti
VIDEO - Atv5: Georges Lemaitre, Monseigneur Big Bang

IV Centenary of the Index Congregation's Decree on Heliocentrism (1616)

A Global Lab. Religion among Scientists in International Context.
A survey on the religiosity of scientists provided by the RICE University, Texas, December 2015


The Rainbow between Science and Religion

400° Anniversary of Galileo Galilei’s Letter to Madame Christina of Lorraine (1615)

The full text of the Letter
The Notion od Scientific Proof in Galileo’s Letter to Christina, from “The Rethoric of Proof in Galileo’s Writings on the Copernican System” (1985), by Jean Dietz Moss

What is the Metaphysics of Light?

The Metaphysics of Light (2002), by Caroline Ewa Schültzinger

On Light or the Beginning of Forms: the metaphysics of light according to Robert Grosseteste (1168 ca. -1253)

 The six forms of Light unified in the unique divine creation: from Reductio artium in    theologiam (1255) by Bonaventure of Bagnoregio

 The nature of light in the context of creation: from Thomas Aquinas’ Summa theologiae (1265-1274) 

2015: On the International Light Year

2015: The Year of Light is here!, by G. Tanzella-Nitti
At the dawn of scientific questions on the nature of light: Selected Queries from Isaac Newton’s Opticks (1704)
Old and new perspectives in the theory of light: The nature of light and radiation according to L. de Broglie, Light and Matter (1937)

Are science and religion compatible or incompatible for the Italians?

The results of a recent survey:

Perception of the Italians about the compatibility between science and faithby Matteo Bonato, Department of Physics and Astronomy “G. Galilei”, University of Padua, Italy

John Paul II's (1978-2005) Canonization, April 27

2013: Year of Faith

Do Scientists speak of God? A Selection of Texts from the Present and the Past

Year of Faith

Charles R. Darwin, A Selection of Letters on God’s Existence and the Theory of Evolution (1860-1879)

Werner K. Heisenberg, Science and Religion (1927)

Theodosius Dobzhanski, Humanism and Humanity (1967)

Allan R. Sandage, Reflections on Religious Belief (1997)

Francis Collins, The Scientist as Believer (2009)

What Scientists Really Think (2010), by Elaine Howard Ecklund

50° Anniversary of the Opening of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965)

Year of FaithSecond Vatican Council’s Message to Scientists, December 8, 1965

The Teachings of the Vatican Council II on Faith and Culture: a Concise Introduction and a Selection of Texts, by G. Tanzella-Nitti

Key-points of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (1997) concerning Faith, Reason and Scientific Knowledge

The Official English web site on the Year of Faith

2012: 350th Anniversary: Blaise Pascal's Death (1623 - 1662)

Blaise Pascal

Pascal on Faith and Reason: Thoughts beyond the Wager, by Luca Arcangeli

The Inescapable Human Reflection on the Ultimante Questions, from Penseés, fragments B 194 - B 195

Faith and Reason in Blaise Pascal’s Memorial, from R. Guardini, Pascal For Our Time (1935)

Science and Religion in Blaise Pascal's Life, from W.R. Shea, Designing Experiments and Games of Chance (2003)

The complete English text of Pascal's Penseés (Thoughts), from Bartleby Great Books on line

First Centenary of Alan Turing's birth (1912-1954)

Alan Turing


John D. Barrow, Computability and Turing’ Machine, from The World within the World (1988)

A. Turing’s historical article: Computing Machinery and Intelligence, in Mind (1950)

The official Alan Turing’s Centenary web site



John Paul II's Beatification, May 1, 2011

Faith Must Become Culture: John Paul II’s Legacy to Intellectuals and Scientists, by Joaquín Navarro-Valls

John Paul II on Science and Religion: A Deeply Appreciative Reflection, by Robert J. Russell


In Homage to John Paul II: Thoughts on Science and Religion

John Paul II’s Teachings on Faith, Culture and Scientific Thought on this web site

John Paul II’s Beatification official site

John Paul II on Facebook