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Teachings from John Paul II

John Paul II

Catechesis on Creation, January 8, 1986 - August 6, 1986
John Paul II
The following  speeches of John Paul II are from his Wednesday Audiences and contain his comments on the Creed. They offer a synopsis about the truth of the Christian faith in God, the creator of heaven and earth. These testimonials enter into a philosophical dialogue about science. Solidly founded on the Biblical data, these catechesis deal with human nature and its relationship with the rest of creation, the topic of the divine providence, as well as evil and angels.
Date Title
1986-01-08 The Mystery of Creation
1986-01-15 God the Creator of Heaven and Earth
1986-01-29 In Creation God Calls the World into Existence from Nothingness
1986-03-05 Creation Is the Work of the Trinity
1986-03-12 Creation Reveals God's Glory
1986-04-02 Created Things Have a Legitimate Autonomy
1986-04-09 Humans Are Created in the Image of God
1986-04-16 Humans Are Spiritual and Corporeal Beings
1986-04-23 Humans Are a Subject of Knowledge and Freedom
1986-04-30 Faith in Divine Providence Strengthens Our Reasons for Hope
1986-05-07 Divine Providence Continues to Care for Creation
1986-05-14 Divine Providence carries out an Eternal Plan of Wisdom and Love
1986-05-21 Divine Providence and Human Freedom
1986-05-28 The Mystery of Predestination in Christ
1986-06-04 The Presence of Evil and Suffering in the World
1986-06-11 In Jesus the Redeemer, Divine Providence Overcomes Evil
1986-06-18 Divine Providence in the Light of Vatican II
1986-06-25 Divine Providence and the Growth of the Kingdom of God
1986-07-09 Creator of All Things, Seen and Unseen
1986-07-23 Creator of the Angels Who Are Free Beings
1986-07-30 Creator of Things Unseen: the Angels
1986-08-06 Angels Participate in the History of Salvation
Catechesis on the Meaning of Miracles, November 11, 1987 - January 13, 1988
John Paul II
During his comments on the Creed, John Paul II explained the content of faith in Jesus Christ. In seven successive audiences, the Holy Father addresses the miracles of Jesus and their role in the history of salvation. During the catechesis, theological aspects of miracles are explored, their value in salvation, and the aspects that concern the relationship between faith and reason. In the latter, the value of miracles and the “appeal of faith” are discussed.
Date Title
1987-11-11 The Fact and Significance of Christ's Miracles
1987-11-18 I Say to You, Arise!
1987-11-25 Miraculous Signs Reveal Christ's Power
1987-12-02 Christ's Miracles: Salvific Signs
1987-12-09 Christ's Miracles Manifest Salvific Love
1987-12-16 Miracles Are a Call to Faith
1988-01-13 Miracles Manifest the Supernatural Order
Three Speeches on God and Science, July 3 - 17, 1985
John Paul II
In these audiences, before dealing with the faith article “Believe in God Almighty,” John Paul II presents three speeches dedicated to the notion of God in the context of contemporary thought. The speeches touch on topics of “honesty of intelligence,” the traditional “ways” on the existence of God, and the attitude of scientists towards God.
Date Title
1985-07-03 The Right Attitude Before God
1985-07-10 The Proofs for God's Existence
1985-07-17 Scientists and God
Speeches and Messages to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences