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Philosophical Dimensions of Science

Isaac Newton
Date Title From
1687 God and the Universe in the Principia Mathematica

The General Scholium to Principia Mathematica, 1687

Adam Sedgwick
Date Title From
1833 God and the Laws of Nature

A Discourse on the Studies of the University, 1833

James C. Maxwell
Date Title From
1871 Introductory Lecture on Experimental Physics

The Scientific Papers of James Clerk Maxwell, 1965

Alfred N. Whitehead
Date Title From
1925 The Influence of Western Medieval Culture Upon the Development of Modern Science

Science and the Modern World, Lowell Lectures, 1925

Etienne Gilson
Date Title From
1935 The Realist Beginner’s Handbook

Methodical Realism, 1935

Arthur H. Compton
Date Title From
1935 Freedom versus Law

The Freedom of Man, 1935. 

Albert Einstein
Date Title From
1950 On Freedom

On Freedom, 1950

1952 On the Rational Order of the World: a Letter to Maurice Solovine

Letters to Solovine, tr. by W. Baskin, New York 1987

Richard Rudner
Date Title From
1953 The Scientist qua Scientist Makes Value Judgments

Philosophy of Science, 20 (1953)

Michael Polanyi
Date Title From
1958 On the Intellectual Passion in Scientific Research

Personal Knowledge. Toward A Post-Critical Philosophy, 1958

1962 The Republic of Science: Its Political and Economic Theory

Minerva 1 (1962), pp.54-74

1968 Life’s Irreducible Structure

Science, June 1968

Eugene P. Wigner
Date Title From
1959 The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences

Richard Courant Lecture in Mathematical Sciences delivered at New York University, May 11, 1959

Kurt Gödel
Date Title From
1961 The Modern Development of the Foundations of Mathematics in the Light of Philosophy

Collected works, vol. III: Unpublished Essays and Lectures

Langdon Gilkey
Date Title From
1967 On the Religious Dimensions of Scientific Activity

Deems Lectures delivered at New York University

Werner Karl Heisenberg
Date Title From
1970 The Meaning of Beauty in Exact Natural Science

Lecture delivered to the Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste

Enrico Cantore
Date Title From
1977 The Scientific experience of Knowledge

Scientific Man. The Humanistic Significance of Science

1977 The Humanistic Character of Science

Scientific Man. The Humanistic Significance of Science

1977 The Scientific Experience of Ultimates: Wonder

Scientific Man. The Humanistic Significance of Science

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
Date Title From
1979 Beauty And The Quest For Beauty In Science

Truth and Beauty

Richard W. Hamming
Date Title From
1980 The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics

The American Mathematical Monthly, February 1980

Hilary Putnam
Date Title From
1982 Beyond the Fact/Value Dichotomy

Realism with a Human Face, 1992

Thomas F. Torrance
Date Title From
1984 James Clerk Maxwell and the Equations of Light

Transformation & Convergence in the Frame of Knowledge, 1984

John Barrow
Date Title From
1988 Computability and Turing Machine

The World within the World, 1988

Evandro Agazzi
Date Title From
1991 Reductionism as Negation of the Scientific Spirit

The Problem of Reductionism in Science, Dordrecht 1991

1991 The Universe as a Philosophical Problem

The Universe as a Scientific and Philosophical Problem, 1991

Bruno Belhoste
Date Title From
1991 Practices and Principles in Cauchy’s Work

Augustine-Louis Cauchy. A Biography, 1991

George Smoot
Date Title From
1993 Towards the ultimate question

Wrinkles in time

Josef Seifert
Date Title From
1997 Four Arguments for Mental Life Inhering in a Spiritual Substance

What is Life? The originality, irreducibility, and value of life, 1997

1997 On the Nature of Life

What is Life? The Originality, Irreducibility, and Value of Life, 1997

Cornelius Hunter
Date Title From
2001 Evolution and Theodicy, a Reading from "Darwin’s God. Evolution and the Problem of Evil"

Darwin's God. Evolution and the Problem of Evil, 2001

Eric Cornell
Date Title From
2005 Why is the Sky Blue? (What Was God Thinking? Science Can't Tell)

Time Magazine, November 14, 2005

Paul Davies
Date Title From
2005 The Universe. What’s the Point?

Spiritual Information. 100 Perspectives on Science and Religion.

Joseph M. Zycinski
Date Title From
2005 Between Mathematics and Transcendence. The Search for the Spiritual Dimension of Scientific Discovery

Spiritual Information. 100 Perspectives on Science and Religion.

Christopher B. Kaiser
Date Title From
2007 Thick description of science

Toward a Theology of Scientific Endeavour, 2007

Brian Greene
Date Title From
2008 Put a Little Science in Your Life

International Herald Tribune, June 2, 2008

Jacalyn Duffin
Date Title From
2009 Religion, Medicine and Miracles

Medical Miracles. Doctors, Saints, and Healing in the Modern World, 2009

Elaine H. Ecklund
Date Title From
2010 What Scientists Really Think: Shattering Myths, Toward Dialogue

Science Vs. Religion, 2010