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On Copernicanism and the Galileo Affair

Galileo Galilei
Date Title From
1613 Letter to Benedetto Castelli

Works by Galileo Galilei

1613-1641 The Metaphor of the Book of Nature

A Selection of Quotes from the Works of  Galileo Galilei

1615 Letter to Madame Christina of Lorraine, Grand Duchess of Tuscany

Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo, 1957

Robert card. Bellarmino
Date Title From
1615 Letter to Paolo A. Foscarini, on Galileo’s Claim in favor of Heliocentrism

The Galileo Affair. A Documentary History, 1989

Holy Congregation for the Index
Robert Boyle
Jean D. Moss
Date Title From
1984 The Notion of Scientific Proof in Galileo's Letter to Christina

The Proocedings of the Cracow Conference on “The Galileo Affair, A Meeting of Faith and Science”, May 1984

Michael Sharratt
Annibale Fantoli
Date Title From
1996 Galileo, for Copernicanism and for the Church, a Historical Report around the Publication of 1616 Decree

Galileo for Copernicanism and for the Church, pp. 215-229

John H. Brooke
Date Title From
1998 Understanding the Galileo Affair: the Uses of History in the Subsequent Contexts

Reconstructing Nature. The Engagement of Religion and Science, 1998

Rafael A. Martínez
Date Title From
2016 What does the Decree on Copernicanism Say?

A historical and philosophical comment