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Authors from the Middle Ages

Anselm of Canterbury
Date Title From
1078 God is not in Place or Time but All Things are in Him

Proslogion, cc. 18-22

Alain of Lille
Date Title From
1181-1184 A Human Journey Towards the Knowledge of God

Anticlaudianus, Book VI, nn. 1-203.

Robert Grosseteste
Date Title From
1225-1228 On Light or the Beginning of Forms

De Luce (on Light)

Bonaventure of Bagnoregio
Date Title From
1255-1257 The Six Forms of Light Unified in the Unique Divine Creation

On the Reduction of the Arts to Theology, nn. 1-7

1257 The Creation of a Becoming World

Breviloquium, Book II, chapts. I-II

1257-1259 Selected texts on the Metaphor of the Nature's Book

A Selection of Quotes from the Works of  Bonaventure of Bagnoregio

1259 On the Steps of Ascension into God and on the Sight of Him Through His Vestiges in the Universe

The Journey of the Mind into God, c. I, nn. 1-15

1259 On the Sight of God in His Vestiges in the Sensible World

The Journey of the Mind into God, c. II, nn. 1-13

Roger Bacon
Date Title From
1267 Philosophy is Worthy to Assume the Sacred Wisdom

Opus Majus, Pars II, c. XIV.


1267 Philosophy and Theology Have Much in Common

Opus Majus, Pars II, c. XVII.

Nicolas Oresme
Date Title From
1377 The Existence of Other Worlds is Possible

A commentary on Aristotle’s De caelo et mundo