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The International Year of Light websites

International Year of Light Official website


This color-coded, user-friendly website features all kinds of interesting light-related topics. As you navigate through this site, you will have easy access to information on the International Year of Light, how it began, who got it off the ground and what it’s all about. A listing of hundreds of initiatives and events planned on all five continents gives you a sense of connectedness with people just like you who are working, learning and celebrating light. The information is clear, visual, easy to find and constantly updated. You’ll want to save this one in your 2015 favorites. “Why Light Matters” explains the fundamental importance of light—past, present and future—in medicine, communications, entertainment and culture. Learn why light and photonics are poised to become key enabling technologies of the future. “Learn About Light” leads you to discover the different roles light and its applications play in our everyday lives, in everything from entertainment to security and healthcare. “Hands On Involvement” lets you become a protagonist in the Year of Light. Whether you are a student, a teacher, a parent, a science fan or a concerned citizen, there is an easy way for you to participate and win out in the process! “Cosmic Light” takes us beyond the Earth’s atmosphere to the immensity of the universe, the source of our light and light energy. You will also learn about light pollution, its adverse effects on our planet, and how to stop it. “Light For Development” demonstrates the usefulness of light technology for an amazing variety of community and societal advances, in both developed and in developing nations. Find out how to be a part of it! “Science Stories” will take you on a journey through time and explain major contributions to our present-day knowledge.

International Astronomical Union web page for the International Year of Light

Within the spectrum of topics being dealt with worldwide by initiatives springing from the soon-to-be-launched International Year of Light, one of the most fascinating is “Cosmic Light”. Not surprisingly, the Steering Committee of the IYL 2015 has asked the International Astronomical Union to collaborate specifically on this theme. The IAU will be serving as a reference point for projects and activities organized by stakeholders on all levels. The IAU permanent website has added a tab on its far right-hand side where would-be organizers of cosmic light initiatives may find resources such as a 3-minute video trailer and a logo designed in several colors and languages. They will also find information on the use of the IAU logo, and a full list of the members of the Executive Committee Working Group for the IYL 2015.

Unesco web page for the International Year of Light


The UNESCO website is featuring the upcoming inauguration of the International Year of Light 2015, scheduled for January 19-20 in Paris, France ( Starting at the UNESCO homepage, click on “Themes” and then “Science for a Sustainable Future” to see more. You can get updates at “Events” by scrolling down towards the bottom of the homepage. You will also find links to permanent sites and occasional articles related to the IYL 2015.

Read up on the International Year of Light at More information on events and related initiatives are expected as the launching date approaches.

This site covers all UNESCO themes and activities so expect to search a little for information on the Year of Light. Enjoy discovering more about what UNESCO stands for and promotes, especially under “About Us” on the homepage.


edited by Marie Patt Pirie