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Reasons to Believe


RTB is a network of persons clustered around six research scholars: Hugh Ross (astronomer, RTB’s President and Founder), Fazale Rana (biochemist, RTB’s Vice-President for Research and Apologetics), Kenneth R. Samples (philosopher and theologian, RTB’s Senior Research Scholars), Anjeanette Roberts (molecular biologist, RTB’s Research Scholar), Jeff Zweerink (astrophysicist, Senior Research Scholar), Krista Bontrager (theologian, scholar community program director).

RTB’s aim is to spread the Christian Gospel by demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research consistently support the faith in the personal God revealed in both Scripture and nature. RTB’s website offers a number of arguments in favor of Christian faith drawn from advancements and discoveries in several scientific fields. These are presented as “reasons to believe”. Besides the research scholars, more than 20 visiting scholars – from the following areas: apologetics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, engineering, physics, humanity, medicine, and theology – contribute to RTB’s mission in various ways: blogs, articles, audiovisual material, report of personal experiences, etc.

The website contains an array of information and news, though almost always presented through the views of RTB’s spokespersons.

Board of Directors

Gordon Arbuthnot, Nina Dunton, Eric Klumpe, John Van Leeuwen, Dave Rogstag, Stephen Scheele, Hugh Ross, Kathy Ross,Christopher D. Niles, Francisco Delgado, James Willard, Kerri Madison Wolcott, Marynelle J. Klumpe, Tim Williams.

US Mailing Address: 818 S. Oak Park Rd. Covina, CA 91724


Phone: (626) 335-1480


Services and Resources

The website includes a list of 46 RTB’s Chapters, mainly spread in the United States and Canada, a page dedicated to the “Creation Model Approach” , and a section about Educational Programs.


Religious Confession

The website explicitly refers to Christian faith; contents by persons in various Christian denominations can be found.


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