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Project SOW - Science and Orthodoxy Around the World


Project SOW - Science & Orthodoxy around the World focuses on the dialogue between science and religion in the Orthodox Christian world. More than 50 specialists from 15 countries participate from various academic fields such as Science, Philosophy, History, Theology and Education. It reaches out to all relevant scholars, researchers specializing in the study of Science & Religion throughout the world, as well as a wider audience with an interest in issues that arise from the relation of sciences with faith. SOW’s actions are presented through this web portal, three large international conferences with parallel workshops and proceedings volumes, two separate workshops, public lectures, one documentary and 45 peer-reviewed articles.

Board of Directors

Project Director
NICOLAIDIS, Efthymios Research Director, Institute of Historical Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation

Scientific Committee
BROOKE, John Hedley Fmr Idreos Professor of Science & Religion, University of Oxford, 
HARRISON, Peter Director, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Queensland, 
KNIGHT, Christopher Executive Secretary, International Society for Science & Religion, 
KOPEIKIN, Kyrill Senior Lecturer of Theology, St. Petersburg Orthodox Theological Academy, 
KOSTOV, Alexander Director of Research, Institute for Balkan Studies, Sofia,
MAKRIDES, Vasilios Professor, University of Erfurt, 
NESTERUK, Alexei Senior Research Lecturer, University of Portsmouth, 
NUMBERS, Ronald Professor Emer., University of Wisconsin, 
PETROVIĆ, Alexandar Professor, University of Belgrade, 
POSTNIKOV, Alexey Director of Research, Institute for the History of Science, Russian Academy of Science, 
RABKIN, Yakov Professor, University of Montreal, 
SHEA, William Visiting Scholar, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, 
STAVINSCHI, Magdalena Fmr Director, Astronomical Institute, Romanian Academy, 
WOLOSCHAK, Gayle Professor, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago.

Staff: Ersi Bakou (Administration Officer), Ilia Christantoni (IT Manager), Nikos Livanos (Events and Communications Manager).

Institute for Historical Research
National Hellenic Research Foundation
48, Vasileos Konstantinou Ave
GR-116 35 Athens, Greece

More information: Nikos Livanos

Services and Resources

The website presents a graphical interface that allows easy navigation and helps the user to easily find information about the project mission and the services that are available. The final part of the Home page contains news and recent events indications.

The sections "Conferences" and Lectures&Events" inform about past and upcoming conferences, lessons, workshops and seminars organized by the SOW. The section "Data Space" contains the presentation and description of hundreds of works and links concerning the relationship between science and Orthodox Christianity. The "Reading Room" section contains useful materials and articles about the relationship between Science and Religion. For the members there is a reserved area.

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