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NCBC - National Catholic Bioethics Center


This website does not really deal with "Science & Religion", but we think it useful to present it in this section for the relevance of the topic and the documentation provided

Today our society faces unprecedented scientific developments that penetrate the very mysteries of life and pose serious ethical challenges to human culture. The National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC) was established in 1972 to reflect on these developments and to promote and safeguard the dignity of the human person in health care and the life sciences. The Center is unique among bioethics organizations in that its message derives from the official teaching of the Catholic Church which draws from a moral tradition that acknowledges the unity of faith and reason and builds on the solid foundation of natural law.

The Center's staff consults regularly on life science issues and medical issues with the Vatican, the U.S. bishops, and public policy-makers, hospitals and international organizations of all faiths. Vatican agencies which regularly consult with the Center include the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Pontifical Academy for Life and the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers.

The Center works to achieve its mission of defending the dignity of the human person in health care and the life sciences through educational programs, publishing, consultation and research. 

Board of Directors

Rev. Gregory M. Aymond (Chairman), Rev. Edward J. Burns (Vice Chairman), Deacon Alvin A. Clay (Treasurer), Joseph Meaney (President),

The National Catholic Bioethics Center
BROOMALL, PA, 19008,
Tel.: (215) 877-2660
Fax: (215) 877-2688
e-mail: (for general inquiries about NCBC); (For consultation requests, questions regarding the Church's teaching on bioethical issues, guidance in moral decision-making, or for other matters to be directed to an NCBC ethicist)   

Services and Resources

In the "Educational" area, core activity of the Center,   it is possible to find information about events and activities. The NCBC promotes the National Catholic Certification Program in Health Care Ethics,  addressed to Church Leaders, Medical and Healthcare Professionals, members of scientific and ethical committees, based on the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, published by the US Episcopal Conference, organized on a Web-Based Distance Learning Program and linked frequently to one of the three theoretical and practical seminars that take place at the headquarters of Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. The NCBC also promotes day-long promotional workshops and annual seminar cycles.

The section "Resources", contains usfeul materials and information by topic. The section includes  the News and a page of Frequently Asked Questions. 

From the section "Consultation" it is possible to contact directly the centre to submit a request, meet the ethicist or receive a free individual or in group consultation service.

You can become members of the NCBC (according to different types) to have access to specific programs and receive full assistance. However, the center is at the service of anyone who is addressing it to provide information, answers and providing material of various kinds. By subscribing to the mailing list you can receive a newsletter with information on news and events on these issues, mainly concerning the United States and the Anglo-Saxon world.

The Center publishes two periodicals, Ethics & Medics and The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, and a variety of books on various bioethical topics. A list of Recommended Prolife Organizations is available.

Religious Confession

The site is Christian-Catholic, working in synergy with the US Episcopal Conference.

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