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ITEST – Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Theology


The Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology (ITEST) is an association of theologians, scientists and others committed to a world view in which faith and science collaborate in exploring the truth. ITEST explores truth theologically in the wisdom traditions of the human community and in the data studied in the sciences. It seeks to develop a dialogue and a common ground between religious and scientific truths, in order to promote a comprehensive understanding of the real.

The Institute began in 1966 when Father Robert Brungs, SJ (a physicist) and Dr. John Matschiner (a biochemist) saw the need to keep Christian churches abreast of advances in science and technology. Recognizing that faith-science issues were both complex and widespread, they incorporated ITEST in 1968. Since then ITEST has addressed itself primarily to scientists, technologists and religious believers. It also invites the participation of theologians, physicians, lawyers, social and behavioral scientists, philosophers, and economists.

ITEST is concerned with scientific and technological advance as it relates to a Christian understanding of the human and of creation. The Institute has members worldwide – representing 30 countries – as well as members from most areas of the United States.

Board of Directors

Dr. Sebastian Mahfood (Director), Thomas P. Sheahen (Science Advisor), Earl C. Muller (Theology Advisor), Dr. Ralph Olliges (Treasurer), Sheila Roth (Secretary), Marianne Postiglione (Associate Director).

ITEST - Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology
Cardinal Rigali Center
20 Archbishop May Drive, Suite 3400A
St. Louis, Missouri 63119 USA


Services and Resources

On the website there are 397 faith-science lessons available online for free download (Creation Lens section). The materials are the culmination of ITEST’s  six-year effort in faith/science education for Pre-K—Grade 8. 

The Conferences and Webinars section hosts a list of conferences and workshops organized by ITEST.

The Media area provides: a complete list of the books published from the 1970’s up to now (some excerpts are freely available online); severla articles about different  topics; videos and  it is also possible to have access to the Bullettin, quarterly published for membership by ITEST.

The Links page contains a list of organizations operative in the Science & Religion field, with the related website addresses.

Available the ITEST facebook page

Religious Confession

The inspiration of the site is Christian with a Catholic orientation

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