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CSS - Center for Science and Society


The Center for Science and Society grows out of the conviction that the questions that will determine the future survival of humanity are of a new kind that cannot be answered by the method of the natural sciences or the humanities in isolation from each other. The Center thus aims to create a new paradigm of collaborative inquiry between the natural and social sciences and the humanities. Natural scientists and scholars informed by the perspectives and methods of the humanities, brought together under the umbrella of the Center, carry out collectively conceived research, teaching, and public programming to formulate new perspectives and innovative scholarship, and further public understanding about the role of science in society.

The heart of the Center is formed by six inaugural Research Clusters led by Columbia and Barnard faculty currently engaged in the study of science and society. These projects are designed to maximize collaborative research among a variety of disciplines, and to lay the foundation for joint teaching and curriculum development.

Board of Directors

Staff: Pamela Smith (Founding Director); Naomi Rosenkranz (Associate Director, Making and Knowing Project, Center for Science and Society); Anamika Sharif (Work Study Administrative Assistant); Jozef Sulik (Assistant Director); Caroline Surman (Project and Communications Manager); Madisson Whitman (Postdoctoral Research Scholar and Assistant Director of Curriculum Development).

The Center for Science and Society
Columbia University in the City of New York
511 Fayerweather Hall, MC 2509
1180 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10027
(212) 853-1612



Services and Resources

The section "Our Programs" describes the six principal projects and research clusters: Big Data and Science Studies; Curiosity; Environmental Sciences and Humanities; Global Histories of Science; Historical Study of Race, Inequality, and Health; The Making and Knowing Project;  Science and Subjectivity.

In "Funding and Resources" are available:  Fellowships, jobs news and other opportunities. The section "Events" contains information about past and outcoming events. There is also an archive of past conferences. 

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