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Christian Astronomers


The website provides a space of discussion for Christian astronomers. The idea for the Forum list began over lunch at the January 1998 AAS conference in Washington DC. This lunch group found that meeting other Christians in astronomy and discussing issues of common interest was useful and encouraging.

The Steering Committee decided to create a mailing list for ongoing (but low-volume) e-mail communication among Christian astronomers.

The purposes of this e-mail forum are:

1. To build a community of Christians in astronomy. We accomplish this in part by organizing gatherings at astronomy conferences and by distributing the contact information of subscribers to the list (inclusion is voluntary).

2. To discuss issues and share resources on topics of interest to Christians in astronomy.

Board of Directors

Steering Committee: Susan Benecchi (List Administrator), Martin Gaskell, Deborah Haarsma, Bill Keel, Chip Kobulnicky, Larry Molnar, Jennifer Wiseman.



Services and Resources

The principal service is the possibility of subscription to the mailing list, entering the discussion Forum.

The section “Resources” contains a list of documents that have been recommended by subscribers to chr-astro. It comprehends:

  • Conferences
  • Web resources and articles
  • Books
  • Organizations, websites and e-Forums
Religious Confession

Christian Inspiration. 

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