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BTI - The Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium


The Boston Theological Institute, founded in 1968, is a consortium of ten theological schools and seminaries in the Boston area. It seeks to enrich each member school's mission, advance intentional collaboration, and share resources in order to advance interreligious and ecumenical learning; to strengthen teaching, learning and research; to maximize the stewardship of resources; and to engage the member schools in building interreligious community.

The majority of the schools were founded in the 1800’s, reflecting Boston’s long history as the U.S.centre of theological education. The schools affiliated are Anglican, Evangelical, Jewish, Methodist, United Church of Christ, Nondenominational, Nonsectarian, Orthodox and Catholic traditions. HebrewCollege, the ‘newest’ institution, has been training scholars in Judaism for almost 80 years. All schools are accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United Statesand Canada and/or the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

Board of Directors


Board: Andrea Vicini, S.J. (Chair and Chair), Fr. Michael "Mic" McCarthy (Dean, Boston College School of Theology & Ministry), David Frankfurter (Interim Chair, Professor of Religion, Boston University Graduate Program in Religion), Theodore Hickman-Maynard (Associate Dean for Ministry Studies and Lecturer on Ministry, Harvard Divinity School), Scott Sunquist (BTI Chair, President and Professor of Missiology, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary), Joel Lohr (BTI Secretary/Treasurer, President, Hartford International), G. Sujin Pak (Dean, School of Theology, Boston University), Sharon Cohen Anisfeld (BTI Vice Chair, President, Hebrew College), George M. Cantonis (President, Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology), Stephen Salocks (Rector, Saint John's Seminary), Basyouny Nehela (President, Boston Islamic Seminary (BTI Associate Member).

Staff: Stephanie Edwards (Executive Director), Amy Jeong (Graduate Assistant), Joe Penny (Contextual Ministry Student - Incoming 2023), Jess Navarette and Kyle Desrosiers (Interreligious Leadership Coordinators - Incoming 2023), Jess Navarette. 

The BostonTheological Institute

Mailing Address:
PO Box 391069
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Tel: 207-370-5275

Services and Resources

Together, the BTI schools offer over 40 degree programs.

We point out the “Science, Religion, and Culture” program at Harvard Divinity School.  It is possible to have access to Cosmologics, a space for new and insightful conversations aimed at understanding the interactions of science and religion. The writing in Cosmologics moves beyond polemics in favour of one or the other and instead encounters each concept anew through the lenses of race, gender, and inequality. A website is dedicated to Cosmologics Magazine.

A section of the website is dedicated to the Summer Projects.

The BTI co-sponsors student conferences across member schools.

Religious Confession

The BTI includes members of different religous confessions. The majority of the theological schools have a Christian inspiration. 

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