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BioLogos (union of the Greek terms bios, «life», and logos, «word») is a no-profit Foundation that invites the world to see the harmony between scientific research and Biblical teaching. Among the aims of the Foundation, is to present a credible synthesis between creation and evolution. BioLogos is also an Evangelical community, working to explore and celebrate the compatibility between “evolutionary creation” and biblical faith, guided by the truth that all things exist and tend to Christ.

The Foundation was established in November of 2007, thanks to the dedication of Francis S. Collins, Director of the Human Genome Project, and after the publication of his book “The language of God. A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.” (2007)

Board of Directors

Fondatore: Francis Collins.

Consiglio direttivo: Dwight Baker (Board Chair), Bishop Claude Alexander, Curtis Chang, April Maskiewicz Cordero (Educator Support), Andrew Ginsberg (Board Secretary), Larry Langdon (Board Treasurer), Roseanne Sension, Praveen Sethupathy, Jeffrey Wright.

Staff: Deborah Haarsma (President), Allison Baker (Event Planner), Rok Beak (Operations Coordinator), Sarah Bruinsma (Administrative Assistant to the President), Tricia Bouma (Director of Marketing), David Buller (Director of Programs), Amy Buxton-Houseward (Public Engagement manager), Erica Fleming (Developer Coordinator), Colin Hoogerwerf (Podcast producer), Laura J Landmann (Vice President of Finance and Operations), Knton Loux (Administrative Assistant), Hillary Rankin (Marketing Specialist), Ciara Reyes-Ton (Digital Content Editor), Jeffery Schloss (Senior Scholar), Jeffrey Schra (Director of major Gifts), Darryl Shelton (Senior diversity Officer), Faith Stults (Program manager), Jim Stump (Vice President of Programs). 

The BioLogos Foundation
2100 Raybrook SE
Suite 200
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546, USA

Services and Resources

The section “Common Questions” contains a collection of material about basic and fundamental issues (Christianity and Science, Scientific Evidence, Biblical Interpretation, God’s Relationship to Creation, Human Origins.)

The website offers an “Open forum” on many specific focuses and a "Homeschool forum".

We point out the presence of many articles and well done videos collected in “Resources”. The websites promotes the upcoming events. An area is dedicated to the next Conference.

We also point out the Biologos Basics VIdeos section.

From the “Home Page” it is possible to have access to the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profiles of the Foundation. 

Religious Confession

Evangelical Christian.

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