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ASA - The American Scientific Affiliation: A Network of Christians in Science


The American Scientific Affiliation, or ASA, was founded in 1941 as an international network of Christians in the sciences. As scientists, members of the ASA take part in humanity’s exploration of nature, its laws, and how it works. As Christians, ASA members want to know not just how the universe operates and came into being, but why it exists in the first place.

ASA's unique mission is to integrate, communicate, and facilitate properly researched science and theology in service to the Church and the scientific community. ASA members are confident that such a goal is not only possible but necessary for an adequate understanding of God and Nature. Additionally, the ASA is committed to advising churches and our society in how best to employ science and technology while preserving the integrity of God's creation.

In the sectionResources in Science and Christian Faiththere is research material on different topics (readings, audio recordings, and videos).

The website offers an electronic magazine, God and Nature, which is published twice a month.

Board of Directors

Executive Council: 

Terry Gray (President), William Jordan (Vice-President), Se Kim (Secretary/Treasurer), Janel Curry (Member), Michael Everest (Member), Dominic Halsmer (Member), Effat Zeidan (Member).

Staff: John Wood (Interim Executive Director), Vicki Best (Director of Operation and Development), Lyn Berg (Managing Editor, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith), Becky English (Membership and Outreach Manager), Dana Oleskiewicz (Local Chapters Coordiantor), James C. Peterson (Editor-in-chief, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith), Sy Garte (Editor-in-chief, God and Nature), Hannah Eagleson (InterVarsity ESN Liason), Randy Isaac (Executive Director, Emeritus), Derek Schuurman (Book Review Editor), Sara Tolsma (Book Review Editor), Patrick Franklin (Book Review Editor, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith), Arie Leegwater (Book Review Editor, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith), Mark McEwan (Digital Content Specialist).


American Scientific Affiliation

218 Boston St Ste 208
Topsfield, MA 01983
Phone: 978-887-8833

Services and Resources

The website highlights the Annual Meeting of ASA. A whole section is dedicated to its contents, giving information about it.

A section "Chapters" gives details about the local ASA's activities.

The principal ASA’s publications are available (first of all the journal “Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith”).

In “Resources” it is possible to find detailed information about forum, events and projects.

Several Forums are operative on current issues. The registration is required.

Religious Confession

The website has an Evangelical Christian inspiration.

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