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Society of Catholic Scientists


The Society of Catholic Scientists exists for the following purposes:

  1. To foster fellowship among Catholic scientists.
  2. To witness to the harmony between the vocation of scientist and the life of faith.
  3. To be a forum for reflection upon and discussion of questions concerning the relation of science and the Catholic faith. 
  4. To act as a resource for Catholic educators, pastors, and lay people, and for journalists and members of the general public who have questions about the significance of scientific theories and discoveries and about the relation of science and faith.

The Society exists as a place where Catholic scientists can share their knowledge, perspectives, and intellectual and spiritual gifts with each other for their mutual enrichment, and with fellow Catholics and the wider community.  

The Society also provides opportunities for Catholic undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers in the natural sciences to get to know and interact with more senior colleagues. In this way the Society hopes to provide role models and mentors for young Catholics who are on the way to possible careers in science. 

The Society is open to all scientists who are practicing Catholics, but does not presume to represent or speak for all Catholic scientists. It does not take positions on scientific questions controverted among the relevant scientific experts. Nor does it engage in political advocacy or issue statements on public policy issues.   

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of The Society of Catholic Scientists: 

Stephen M. Barr (President), Daniel Kuebler (Vice-President), Robert J. Scherrer (Secretary), Stephen C. Meredith (Treasurer), Karin I. Öberg (Director), Maureen L. Condic (Director), Thomas Davenport, O.P. (Director), Christopher T. Baglow (Liaison).

Services and Resources

The website present a section dedicated to the past Conference (2017) including video and registrations from the event. A section promotes the next Conference in 2018, giving information about it. It is possible to become a member of the Society (Regular - Affiliate - Student o Postdoctoral). New members must be nominated by majority vote of the Board and confirmed by majority vote of the regular members present at a Membership Meeting. 

The Society of Catholic Scientists sponsors Gold Masses for Scientists.  This  follows in the tradition of special Masses for members of particular professions.  By promoting Gold Masses for Scientists around the world, SCS hopes to create spiritual fellowship among Catholic scientists and science educators at the local level.  The section "Events"contains information about these meetings.

Religious Confession

The Society adheres to the faith of the Catholic Church. 

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