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JRI - The John Ray Initiative connecting Environment, Science and Christianity


The John Ray Initiative (JRI) is an educational charity, based in the UK. It was formed in 1997 in recognition of the urgent need to respond to the global environmental crisis and the challenges of sustainable development and environmental stewardship. Vision Statement: “To bring together scientific, technological and Christian understanding of the environment in a way that can be widely communicated and lead to effective action.”Mission Statement:“ To promote responsible environmental stewardship in accordance with Christian principles through Education, Research and Advocacy.”

Inspiration for JRI is taken from John Ray (1627-1705), English naturalist, Christian theologian and first biological systematist of modern times, preceding Carl Linnaeus.

Objectives Statement

• To influence and support Christians, scientists, engineers and policy-makers in working toward a more sustainable relationship between humankind and the environment.
• To think globally and promote a positive interaction between development and environmental issues.
• To give priority to biblically-based environmental education, especially among Christian believers.
• To encourage serious research initiatives aimed at establishing a biblical theology that provides a strong foundation for Christian involvement in caring for God’s creation.
• To continue to build a learning community of Christians with relevant expertise in science, technology, environment and theology.
Board of Directors

Mike Morecroft (President); Vice- Presidents: John Sale, Robert White; John  Weaver;

Directors: Rich Clarkson (Chair), Shan Dobinson (Executive Secretary and Company Secretary); Margot Hodson (Theology and Education Director); Martin Hodson (Operations Director); Anne Scott, Shelly Dennison, Alison Holland (Treasurer non Director);

City Works, Alfred Street, Gloucester, GL1 4DF, United Kingdom.

Registered Charity number 1067614
Registered Company number 3420063 (England and Wales)

City Works, Alfred Street, Gloucester, GL1 4DF, United Kingdom.

Registered Charity number 1067614
Registered Company number 3420063 (England and Wales)

Services and Resources
The "Resources" section offers articles and in-depth documentation available online for free. Among the materials available for consultation are the Briefings (currently 41 numbers), information and descriptive attachments each dedicated to a specific topic. The section also contains several articles and in-depth analyses produced by 5 study and discussion groups (Bible Study & Other Resources); the focus of these studies is to mobilise congregations and churches in living out the mission of God and to see individual lives, communities, and the environment flourish. A newsletters' archive is available .
The "Events" section includes information about the Annual Conferences.
The Centre also promotes a two years certificated Course (CRES) that provides an opportunity to study rural and environmental issues from a Christian viewpoint.
The site promotes an active and updated Blog on topics of current interest.
Religious Confession

Christian confession.

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