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CSCA - Canadian Science and Christian Affiliation


The Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation (CSCA) is a fellowship of scientists and those interested in science, who want to understand how science should best interact with the life-giving Christian tradition. Science serves widely, while the Christian faith remains the world’s largest global movement. Where these two cross is fascinating, fruitful, and worthy of our best attention. Our interdisciplinary discussions range, for example, through fields including cosmology, mathematics, ethics, the environment, medicine, genetics, geology, origin studies, engineering, science education, the history of science, epistemology, proofs for the existence of God, biblical interpretation, and the understanding of humanity through the social sciences. CSCA members come to these challenges as researchers in academia and industry, as professors, theologians, philosophers, administrators from dean to provincial university president, and as students just getting started.

The CSCA was founded in 1973. It shares resources and service with the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) such as the academic peer-reviewed journal Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith.

Board of Directors

Patrick Franklin (President); Heather Prior (Vice President); Arnold E. Sikkema (Executive Director); Bob Geddes (Secretary); Michael Werth ( Treasurer); Nyasha Gondora (Student and Early Career Member); M. McEwan (Project Development Officer). 

The Canadian Scientific & Christian Affiliation
P.O. Box 63082, University Plaza
Dundas, Ontario
L9H 6Y3

Phone: 1.905.297.5245


Services and Resources
In the "Home" the News of the association and the most recent blog posts are highlighted. From the home page it is also available the youtube channel of the Association and its Instagram profile. In the "Events" section there is a calendar of activities: sponsored events, conferences and meetings. There is an active blog on issues of interest for the association. In the section "Resources" there are materials that can be free downloaded (articles and videos).
A section is completely dedicated to the activity of the "Local Chapters", supported by the Templeton Foundation. All the information to become members of the Association are available and it is possible to contact the local sections.
The CSCA publishes a quarterly magazine together with the ASA (Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith) and a Newsletter.
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