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CIS - Christians in Science


CiS is an international network of those concerned with the relationship between science and Christian faith, open to scientists, teachers, students and all those with an interest in this dialogue. Although CiS is primarily a professional group, aimed at those working in science, a significant proportion of our members are not scientists, and we are happy to welcome into membership anyone with an interest in science and faith.


- Develop and promote biblical Christian views on the nature, scope and limitations of science, and on the changing interactions between science and faith.
- Bring biblical Christian thought on scientific issues into the public arena.
- Encourage Christians who are engaged in scientific work to maintain an active faith and to apply it in their professional lives.
- Communicate the Christian gospel within the scientific community.
- Stimulate responsible Christian attitudes and action towards care for the environment.
- Help Christians who are science students to integrate their religious beliefs and their scientific studies.
Board of Directors

Paul Ewart (Executive Committee Chair), Gavin Merrifield (General Secretary), Mary Browett (Executive Officer), Stephen Thompson (Education Secretary), Keith Fox (Journal Editor), Dr Todd Kantchev (Journal Reviews Editor), Roger Tucker (Membership Secretary), Stephen Walley (Treasurer), Rhoda Hawkins (International Secretary), paul Roberts (Center fellow)

Tuckers Cottage
Six Mile Hill
Tedburn St Mary
Services and Resources

News and upcoming events are highlighted on the Home Page. There is a "local groups" section which gives access to the groups operative in the United Kingdom. There is the possibility of downloading from the site an app for smartphones and tablets (CIS app).

The CIS publishes a Newsletter (PreCIS) 4-5 times a year, mainly addressed to members, but that can also be downloaded free of charge by the occasional visitor; a specialist journal, Science & Christian Belief and a magazine (in collaboration with the ASA) entitled: God and Nature. It is also available a set of resources for non-scientists Christians to help address issues  of science and faith: "Thinking about...". 

Among the services offered to the visitor: 

- an online registration service with the possibility of  contact directly the secretariat and the webmaster; 
- a section dedicated to members: each member can join and participate in a "local group" (locations in the UK and Northern Ireland);
- Discussion groups to which it is possible to register online; 

- a wide section of Resources that includes: recommended books, reviews, reports, reprints and news, possibility of online purchases; online articles on various topics (such as "Creation", "Bioethics", "Environment", "Science & Faith"); interviews; a service of Practical resource for Engineers (by Dr David Hope).

Christians in Science (CiS) has recently been awarded a grant of ~£500,000 from the Templeton Religion Trust entitled Equipping and supporting the next generation of Christians in science”

Religious Confession

Christian Confession. CiS is a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

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