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CIRET - International Center for Transdisciplinary Research


The International Center for Transdisciplinary Research (CIRET) is a non-profit organization, located in Paris and founded in 1987. The aim of the organization is to develop research in a new scientific and cultural approach - the transdisciplinarity - whose intention is to lay bare the nature and characteristics of the flow of information circulating between the various branches of knowledge. The CIRET is a priviledge meeting-place for specialists from the different sciences and for those from other domains of activity, especially educators. 

Board of Directors

Florent Pasquier (President); Bénédicte Letellier (Vice-President); Astrid Guillame (Segretary); Raphaël Juan-Bouysset (Treausrer); Basarb Nicolescu (Honorary President), Houria Abdelouahed; Edgar Morin; Adonis; Javier Collado Ruano; Daniel Neira.

Webmaster : Sorin Pârvu 

For further information please contact:
Basarab Nicolescu, President of CIRET, 19 Villa Curial, 75019 Paris


Services and Resources

The site is devoted entirely to transdisciplinary and is therefore highly specialized. The aim of the organization is fully expressed in the area "moral project".

Interesting is the "Transdisciplinary Charter", also available in French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian and Esperanto and an excerpt from Nicolescu's "Transdisciplinary Manifest". In the home page there is the access to the CIRET youtube channel. A bibliographic section contains information about theses, books, magazines and websites that have a transdisciplinary approach. There is also a section devoted specifically to the works of the founder of the center and promoter of transdisciplinarity, Basarab Nicolescu.

A section includes basic documents on the topic of "Transdisciplinarity" (between those the "CIRET - UNESCO Project" - 1996). A section presents doctoral programs on the topic currently available. An area is dedicated to the "practice" of transdisciplinarity and contains a selection of contributions (materials, articles and videos) of different authors. The section "Transdisciplinary series" presents the books edited by the Rocher, directed by Nicolescu and dedicated to interdisciplinary topics. A section contains a list of links to recommended sites. The Institute occasionally publishes a French-language bulletin entitled "Rencontres Transdisciplinaires", all published numbers are available free of charge in French (pdf file).

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