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ICE - Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement at Dartmouth


The mission of Dortmouth's Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement (ICE) is to improve the dialogue between the natural sciences and the humanities, bringing that dialogue from the academy to the places of daily conversation and engaging in reflection around questions and questions of sensitivity increasingly frequent today.

The website related to Dortmouth's Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement (ICE) makes most of the initiatives that are organized by ICE during each academic year accessible to web users.

Board of Directors

Director: Prof. Marcelo Gleiser, winner of the Templeton Prize in 2019.

Steering Board Members: K.C. Cole, Paul Davies, Everard Findlay, Marcelo Gleiser, Rebecca Goldstein, Seth Lloyd, Marilynne Robinson, Adina Roskies, William Storrar, Peter Ulric Tse.


Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement (ICE)
Dartmouth College
6127 Wilder Hall
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603-646-1380

Services and Resources

The site has three sections: "activities", further divided into three micro sections that collect the summaries, accompanied by videos, of the public conversations, the fellows program and the online courses organized by the ICE; "multimedia" section provides users with various types of materials, such as videos, lessons, a small virtual library, in which to deepen the themes dealt with by the Institute. At last, "events" section provides a detailed calendar of all scheduled events.

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