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Augustine of Hippo

Fathers of the Church and Christian Authors
Augustine of Hippo
Date Title From
390 The Beauty of the Universe and the Risk of Idolatry

De vera religione, ch. 37

399-420 On Knowledge and Wisdom

On the Trinity, Book XII, c. 14; Book XIII, c. 19

400 From Creatures to God: The Cosmological and Anthropological Paths

Confessions, Book X, cc. 6-8 and 24-27

400 On the Difference between Platonists and Christianity concerning the Doctrine of the Logos

Confessions, Book VII, c. 9

401-405 On the Prudence and Openness in Interpreting Sacred Scripture, when Biblical Passages deal with our Knowledge of Nature

De Genesi ad Litteram, Book I, cc. 18 and 19.

426 On the Theology of Miracles

The City of God, Book XXII, cc. 8,9

426 A Critique to Astrology from "De Civitate Dei"

The City of God, Book V, cc. 1-7I

426 Time and Eternity: the Christian Conception of Time

The City of God, Book XII, cc. 16 and 17

426 God Alone is the Author of all Natures

The City of God, Book XII, cc. 24 and 25

426 As Genesis says about the Earthly Paradise can be interpreted with Allegories

The City of God, Book XIII, c. 21

430 On the Book of Nature

A Selection of Quotes from the Works of Augustine of Hippo