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What is the BioLogos Project

BioLogos is a no-profit Foundation that invites the world to see the harmony between scientific research and Biblical teaching. Among the aims of the Foundation, is to present a credible synthesis between creation and evolution. BioLogos is also a Christian Evangelical community, working to explore and celebrate the compatibility between “evolutionary creation” and biblical faith, guided by the truth that all things exist and tend to Christ.

 The Foundation was established in November of 2007, thanks to the dedication of Francis S. Collins, Director of the Human Genome Project, and after the publication of his book “The language of God. A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.” (2007) According to the presentation of the “BioLogos History” on the website, one of his students, Syman Stevens, became the first full time employee of BioLogos in September 2008. Physicist Karl Giberson was named Executive Vice President and geneticist Darrel Falk was named Executive Director.

In his book Francis Collins explains: “BioLogos is not intended as a scientific theory. Its truth can be tested only by the spiritual logic of the hearth, the mind, and the soul.” The term BioLogos, coined by the author and formed by the union of two Greek words: bios (life) and logos (word, reason), “expresses the belief that God is the source of life and that life expresses the will of God.”

 Through the web portal, the Foundation provides virtual and actual meeting places where Christian scholars and experts in different fields (sciences, theology, biblical studies, philosophy and other) can meet on topics of mutual interest. The many sections of the website provide a wealth of articles, essays, videos, and other resources. Among the offered services the Foundation provides some scholarships.

 In his book Francis Collins recounted his own development from atheism to Christian belief, and argued that science is not in conflict with biblical faith but actually enhances faith. He presented an active, caring God who created the life forms we see today through evolutionary processes. “BioLogos doesn’t try to wedge God into gaps in our understanding of the natural world; it proposes God as the answer to questions science was never intended to address, such as ‘How did the universe get here?’ ‘What is the meaning of life?’ ‘What happens to us after we die?’”

BioLogos Foundation explained by its President Deborah Haarsma in the following video


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