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Roger Joseph Boscovich was born in Ragusa (today Dubrovnik, in Croatia). He was a Jesuit priest, astronomer, and physicist. He was among the founders of the Brera Astronomical Observatory in Milan. A member of the Royal Society in London, he invented and tested astronomical instruments. In his teaching, he incorporated the heliocentric system.

Bertrand A.W. Russell was born in Trellech (Wales, Great Britain). He was an English philosopher, logician, and mathematician who was also known for his civil disobedience. A member of the Circle of Vienna, he was an exponent of neo-positivism and a staunch supporter of superseding metaphysics. He took part, together with the Jesuit philosopher Frederick Copleston, in a famous radio debate on the BBC about the existence of God.

Karol Wojtyla was born in Wadowice (Poland). On October 16, 1978 he was elected to the papacy, taking the name Pope John Paul II. His papacy (1978-2005) encompassed a number of documents and events that were significant regarding the relationship between faith and reason and between scientific and theological thought. His teaching encouraged and profoundly influenced inquiry into the unity of knowledge, centered on seeking the truth in the service of the human person.


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