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ISCAST - Christians in Science and Technology


ISCAST is the oldest and largest Science and Religion organisation in Australia, having been established under the ISCAST name in 1987. Actually it is a network of people, from students to distinguished academics, exploring the interface of science, technology, and Christian faith.

ISCAST Mission is to develop and advocate a Christian perspective in the science-religion dialogue within the science community, the Christian community and society generally in the Australasian and international communities.

ISCAST is committed to the need for scientific and Christian thinking to be integrated into the daily lives of those Christians working within the various sciences, and in the lives of clergy, theologians and indeed all Christians, who find themselves immersed in the modern technoscientific world.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors: Hamish Blair, Jonathan Clarke, Stephen Collins, Alan J. Gijsbers (President), Lewis Jones,  Roger Lewis, Richard Gijsbergs (Secretary, ex officio), Chris Mulherin (Executive Director).

ISCAST C/- Stockdale ACS,
3/6 Atherton Road, Oakleigh,

VIC 3166

Phone: (+613) 92541045


Services and Resources

It is possible to become a member of ISCAST. There are four categories of membership: Associate, Corporate and Family, Student, Fellow.

There is a section dedicated to the “News” and one for the “Events” (upcoming and past).

Online, a documental anthology on different topics: Science & Christianity; Physical Sciences; Biological Sciences; Environment & Resources; Technology & Computing; The Human Being; Creation & Evolution.

We recommend the “Resources” area that contains many data, information, material and accessible multimedia. Among them the ISCAST Digest, a periodic circulation of collated news, views and wider events of interest to the ISCAST community. It is also available a link to a list of related Organisations in the field of Science & Religion.

The ISCAST Online Journal, Christian Perspectives on Science and Technology (CPOSAT), can be found online from March 2006. It is a forum for those exploring the interaction between science, technology and the Christian faith. The intended readers are Christians interested in science and technology as well as scientists or technologists interested in the Christian faith. It is possible to access to the Journal “by type” or “by topics”.

Religious Confession

Christian confession.

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