It happened on MAY 27

Today is the feast of St. Augustine of Canterbury (534–604). A British monk and the first Archbishop of Canterbury, he is venerated as a saint by both Catholics and Anglicans and is also known as the “Apostle to the English.” He also founded the King’s School in Canterbury, which is traditionally held to be the oldest school in the world.
Giovanni Battista died in Turin. An Italian mathematician and physicist, he was a Piarist religious. He studied the nature of electricity and his work Natural and Artificial Electricity (1772) was translated into English at the request of Benjamin Franklin.

"The Language of God": on the bestseller book written in 2006 by the head of the Human Genome Project

Selected texts from The Language of God. A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief:

- What I Ask to Believers and Scientists
- Cristianity's Reasons of Credibility for a Scientist

God vs. Science, R. Dawkins and F. Collins interviewed by D. Cray (2006)

The Scientist as Believer, Francis Collins interviewed by J. Horgan (2009)

What is the BioLogos Project?

Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Religion and Science

The Encyclopedia, published by the Centro di Documentazione Interdisciplinare di Scienza e Fede operating at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, provides new, scholarly articles in the rapidly growing international field of Religion and Science (ISSN: 2037-2329).

Anthology and Documents

In order to make some relevant documents better known in the scientific community, the section provides key materials for study and reflection concerning the dialogue among science, philosophy, and theology.