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Rudolf Bultmann died in Marburg. A German Protestant theologian, he developed an “existential exegesis” which emphasized Scripture’s appeal to an individual’s personal awareness, while giving less importance to the connection between scriptural content and history. In this way, he sought to carry on the so-called dehellenization of Christianity initiated some time earlier by Adolph von Harnack, maintaining that the New Testament biblical accounts were contaminated by Greek mythology. Bultmann’s exegesis, however (from which his own followers would eventually distance themselves), led to a problematic separation between the Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith; it gave increasingly less importance to the Jesus of History and in so doing favored a fideist position. Catholic theologians such as Danielou and Bouyer responded to the supposed hellenization of Christianity by demonstrating the originality and unicity of the Gospel content as compared to the mythological narrations. Bultmann’s contribution is nonetheless important because it brought about an increased critical understanding of the faith.

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