It happened on NOVEMBER 15

Today is the liturgical feast of  St. Albert the Great, the patron saint of scientists. A bishop and Doctor of the Church, he was an expert in the natural sciences, a theologian, and St. Thomas Aquinas’ teacher. He died on today’s date in 1280 in Cologne.


Johannes Kepler died in Regensburg. A German theologian and scientist, he was a contemporary of Galileo. After decades of thoroughly observing planetary motion, he formulated what are called Kepler’s laws regarding the planets’ orbits around the sun.


Pope John Paul II gave a historic speech to a gathering of scientists and students in the Cathedral of Cologne in which he spoke about the autonomy of science, maintaining is should be free from political and economic domination, in order to seek the truth.

IAU members vote a resolution to recommend renaming the Hubble Law as the Hubble-Lemaître law. More information.

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