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Born in Greenville (South Carolina, USA) the American experimental physicist Charles H. Townes, won the Nobel Prize in Physics (1964) for his contributions to quantum theory and the discovery of applications of the maser and the laser. Witness to his Christian faith in many public circumstances, in 2005 he won the Templeton Prize for the development of the dialogue between religion and science.


The mathematician Luigi Fantappiè died in Bagnaia. Mathematician. He held the chair of Superior Mathematics at the Institute of Superior Mathematics at the University of Rome. In 1929 he won the gold medal for Mathematics of the Italian Society of Sciences and in 1931 the Royal Prize for Mathematics conferred by the Academy of the Lincei. Fantappiè elaborated an original unified theory of physics and biology, which he described in his book, originally published in 1944, Principi di una teoria unitaria del mondo fisico e biologico (Di Renzo, Rome 1993). In his intellectual production defended the belief that in the universe there is a purpose, a manifestation of a higher intelligence, and that the study of nature references beyond himself. On the relationship between science and faith, he wrote: "The scientific research conducted by mere love of Truth coincides actually with the same loving search of God, and must inevitably come out in the love of God and in faith most sincerely felt" ( La migliore alleata della fede, in G. Rossi, Uomini incontro a Cristo, Assisi 1950, p. 213).

Einstein and Lemaître: 50° Anniversary of George's Lemaître's death (1849-1966) and 100 years of Albert Einstein's General Relativity (1916)

Einstein and Lemaître, two friends, two cosmologies..., by Dominique Lambert
When I met Albert Einstein, by George Lemaître (1957)
Relativity, theory of, by Alberto Strumia
The Pius XII - Lemaître Affair (1951-1952) on Big Bang and Creation, by G. Tanzella-Nitti
VIDEO - Atv5: Georges Lemaitre, Monseigneur Big Bang

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