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Giuseppe Castiglione was born. He was a painter and Jesuit missionary in China who entered the Jesuit Order in 1709 and was sent to China in 1715. Following the lead of Matteo Ricci (1552-1610) in engaging the Chinese culture, Castiglione continued his artistic works, becoming an esteemed painter to Emperor Qianlong’s court. He redesigned various imperial buildings introducing, both in architecture and in the paintings within them, traditional Western artistic elements. He died in 1766 in China.


400 years from the Discovery of Kepler's Third Law

Kepler's Third Law and the "Harmonices Mundi" by Alessandro Giostra (2018)

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Kepler's View on Biblical Exegesis in "Astronomia Nova" (1609)

Astronomy and Speculation into the Celestial Harmonies (1619)

Prayers to God Creator in "Harmonies of the World" (1619)

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