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Pope Paul VI addressed the Wednesday General audience, saying: “We must not be taken in by the illusion, promoted in our unbelieving world, that human thought finds sufficient answers in the scientific accounts of things. Scientific answers are certainly marvelous, wide-ranging, progressive, and highly worthy of being sought and celebrated, but they are insufficient if they elude the supreme question of God, or if they embrace a preconceived pseudo-scientific blindness, or if they revive an absurd pantheism or degrading nihilism; science, in expanding the field of rational human knowledge, cannot but expand the ultimate search for the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of things, that is, of the generating and transcendent principle of scientific phenomena. Indeed, we must seek answers, but not with the despairing preconception that the truth of God cannot be reached, that very truth which He himself has left us to discover in the grand reflection of nature, and in the ineffable richness of the history and Word of Christ, that reveals itself to us in a living communion. This optimistic attitude regarding our seeking the truth is an attitude befitting Advent in which we are reminded of the Pascal words: ‘You would not seek me if you had not already found me.’ ”

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