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John Dalton died in Manchester (England). An English chemist and physicist, he studied the causes of color blindness, from which he and his brother suffered. (For this reason, color blindness is sometimes referred to as Daltonism.) His most important contribution, however, was regarding atomic chemistry and atomic theory, particularly the proposal that each element has its own corresponding atom. His work New System of Chemical Philosophy, published in 1808, was fundamental to the foundation of atomic theory in chemistry. In it, he refers to “natural philosophy” (chemical philosophy) as the science of interpreting the real. Dalton was a Quaker.

Einstein and Lemaître: 50° Anniversary of George's Lemaître's death (1849-1966) and 100 years of Albert Einstein's General Relativity (1916)

Einstein and Lemaître, two friends, two cosmologies..., by Dominique Lambert
When I met Albert Einstein, by George Lemaître (1957)
Relativity, theory of, by Alberto Strumia
The Pius XII - Lemaître Affair (1951-1952) on Big Bang and Creation, by G. Tanzella-Nitti
VIDEO - Atv5: Georges Lemaitre, Monseigneur Big Bang

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