It happened on MARCH 22


Pope John Paul II addressed the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, which had been founded two years prior. He said: “The scientist or the one who holds responsibility in public life cannot base his activity on principles drawn from the positive sciences alone, which leave aside the human person, while considering social structures and mechanisms. They cannot take into account man’s spiritual nature, his deep desire for happiness and his supernatural destiny which transcend the biological and social aspects of life.”


March 14, 2018: Stephen Hawking left us

One of the most renowned scientists of the XX century died in Cambridge, by Giuseppe Tanzella Nitti

See the special issue of Nature dedicated to Stephen Hawking


Romano Guardini: 50 years from his death

Romano Guardini: a look to the future, by Francisco Fernández Labastida (2018)

Suggested readings:

Man and Technique (1925)

Faith and Reason in Blaise Pascal’s Memorial (1935)

The Persistence of Christian Signs in a Secularized Society (1950)


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