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The German physiologist and anatomist Ernst Heinrich Weber was born in Leipzig. He is universally considered the founder of experimental psychology.
Sir Fred Hoyle was born in Bingley, Yorkshire. A British astronomer and cosmologist, he was also known to the public for his science fiction novels and scientific popularization. He originated the term Big Bang, which he used in a derogatory way, at a time in which he defended the Steady State theory of the universe. He was also noted for his unconventional arguments and theories held to be unorthodox by the scientific community.

700 years from the birth of St. Bonaventure

The Philosophy of St. Bonaventure On Creation, Etienne Gilson (1938)

The six forms of Light unified in the unique divine creation, from On the Reduction of the Arts to Theology (1255-1257)

On the Steps of Ascension into God and on the Sight of Him Through His Vestiges in the Universe, from The Journey of the Mind into God (1259)

On the Sight of God in His Vestiges in the Sensible World, from The Journey of the Mind into God (1259)

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Anthology and Documents

In order to make some relevant documents better known in the scientific community, the section provides key materials for study and reflection concerning the dialogue among science, philosophy, and theology.