It happened on JULY 5


Today was the publication date for Isaac Newton’s Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. It was the first systematization of gravitational theory in the modern age. It contains Newton’s reflections on God’s supporting role in ordering the planetary system. To this day, the correct interpretation of the image of God Newton affirms in his Principia and Opticks remains open to debate. Some interpret it as an instrumental or pantheistic god whereas others interpret it as a God who transcends the world.

Science and Faith in the Coronavirus Epoch, by G. Tanzella-Nitti

We are living in an unprecedented time. For nearly all of us, we could compare things to the last world war, with its global reach and extent of the measures taken, as we heard from our grandparents, or in my case from my parents. The whole world is involved. But so is the whole man, the whole person: scientific research, emotions, feelings, relationships, personal beliefs [read more]

Science and Theology on the Metaphor of the Book of Nature

Augustine  of Hippo (354-430), On the Book of Nature, a selection of quotes

Bonaventure of Bagnoregio (1221-1274), selected texts on the Metaphor

The Understanding of the Book of Nature according to Galileo Galilei (1564- 1642)

Nature as a Book in Robert Boyle's Works (1627-1691)    

Book of Nature: Origin and Development of the Metaphor (2019), by Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti

The Context of the Metaphor in Patristic and Medieval Theology (2020), by Oskari Juurikkala


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