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AAAS - American Association for the Advancement of Science


The Program DOSER (Dialogue on Science, Ethics and Religion) promoted by the AAAS, has been founded in 1995 in order to facilitate the communication between scientific and religious communities. The aims are:

  • Encourage an appreciation among scientists, religious leaders, and religion scholars of the ethical, religious, and theological implications of scientific discoveries and technological innovations
  • Improve the level of scientific understanding in religious communities
  • Increase the engagement of scientific communities in the dialogue on science, ethics, and religion
  • Facilitate collaboration among scientists, ethicists, and religion scholars and leaders to address critical multidisciplinary issues related to science, ethics, and religion
  • Further public understanding of the dialogue on science, ethics, and religion.   
Board of Directors

Board of Directors: Margaret A. Hamburg (Chair of the AAAS Board), Steven Chu (AAAS President), Claire Fraser (AAS President-Elect), Carolyne Ainslie (AAAS Treasurer), Rush D. Holt (AAAS Chief Executive Officer).

Doser Staff: Jennifer Wiseman (Program Director), Rob O'Malley (Project Director), Christine DiPasquale (Communications Director),Curtis L. Baxter III (Senior Program Associate), John Slattery (Senior Program Associate), Elizabeth Crocker (Program Associate), Lilah Sloane (Program Associate), Warren Dennis (Program Assistant).

1200 New York Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20005 (USA)

Tel: 202-326 6400 Fax: 202-289 4950


Services and Resources

The website has a page dedicated to DOSER's Projects among which: Science for Seminaries, Bringing Forefront Science to Religion Reporters, Science Engagement in Rabbinic Training.

There's also a section promoting the organized events: conferences, workshops, and the Annual Meeting Symposia.

A section Resources is available to download print materials, videos and newsletters. It includes a list of External resources and organization.

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