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Contemporary Philosophers and Theologians

Habermass and Ratzinger

Ernest C. Messenger
Etienne Gilson
Date Title From
1938 The Philosophy of St. Bonaventure On Creation

The Philosophy of st. Bonaventure, 1965

1941 God and Contemporary Thought

God and Philosophy, 1941

Romano Guardini
Date Title From
1950 The Persistence of Christian Signs in a Secularized Society

The End of the Modern World, 1992

Jacques Maritain
Date Title From
1951 Natural Knowledge of God as the Primordial Approach to God

Approaches to God, 1951

1961 God and Science

On the Use of Philosophy: Three Essays, 1961

Hugo Rahner
Date Title From
1963 The Christmas Sun

Greek Myths & Christian Mystery, 1963

Bernard J.F. Lonergan
Date Title From
1971 The Question of God

Method in Theology, 1971

Karl Rahner
Date Title From
1981 The Size of the Cosmos as an Existentiell and Theological Problem

Theological Investigations, vol. 21 

1981 The History of Human Salvation and the Natural History of the Entire Cosmos

Theological Investigations, vol. 21 

Hilary Putnam
Date Title From
1982 Beyond the Fact/Value Dichotomy

Realism with a Human Face, 1992

Evandro Agazzi
Date Title From
1991 Reductionism as Negation of the Scientific Spirit

The Problem of Reductionism in Science, Dordrecht 1991

Mariano Artigas
Date Title From
1998 Bridging the Gap between Nature and Transcendence

Changing Concepts of Nature at the Turn of the Millennium, Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 1998

Enrico Berti
Date Title From
2001 Science, Religion and Aristotelian Theology

Science and the Future of Mankind, Pontifical Academy of Sciences, 2001