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Zygon Center for Religion and Science


The Zygon Center is located at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC). It is dedicated to relating religious traditions and the best scientific knowledge in order to gain insight into the origins, nature, and destiny of humans and their environment. Seeking to harness religion and science together in this shared purpose, Zygon Center takes its distinctive name from the Greek word for “yoking” or “joining.” 

The purpose of the Center is to bring together scientists, theologians, and other scholars to discuss and carry out research on basic questions and issues of human concern that include:

  • how we understand the world in which we live and our place in that world;
  • how traditional concerns and beliefs of religion can be related to that understanding;
  • how the joint reflection of scientists, philosophers, and theologians can contribute to the welfare of the human community;
  • how dialogue and cooperation can be promoted among the world’s religions;
  • how to promote international discussion of the Center’s theme areas.
Board of Directors

Caroline Rausch Albright (Visiting Professor of Religion and Science); David Glover (Projects Administrator); Eddie A. Rosa Fuentes (Center Coordinator); Gayle Woloschak (Associate Director); John Albright (Visiting Professor of Religion and Science); Lea F. Schweitz (Director); Leonard Hummel (Visiting Scholar); Philip Hefner (Senior Fellow - Founder).

Zygon Center for Religion and Science
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
1100 East 55th Street, Chicago, IL 60615
Tel.: 773-256 0670 
Services and Resources

Free subscription to the newsletter and past newsletters available in pdf. Conferences, workshops and seminars are organized by the Center and promoted by the website. There is a link to the website of the magazine "Zygon Journal of Religion and Science".

Among the academic activities sponsored and managed by the Zygon Center:

- Epic of Creation
- Future of Creation
- Advanced Seminar in Religion and Science
- Religion and Science in Seminary
- Student Symposium
The section "Resources" contains links to the major organizations operating in the field of Science and Theology.
Religious Confession

The Center is within a Lutheran Theology Faculty. The activities of the Center are beneficial to the collaboration of members of other Christian confessions.

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