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The association Science et Sens, made up of scientists, philosophers and theologians, creates the website to collect together the works available in French on "12 fundamental questions" addressed by both the scientific community and representatives of great religious traditions.
The site aims to be a place open to dialogue and wants to encourage contributions and exchanges on these issues concerning the universe, life, matter and consciousness. The content of the database has been selected by academics and professionals from the different subjects. The site also aims to make scientific advances and the philosophical and theological reflections available to a wide audience.

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The website is in French.

The documentary archive on the site is divided into topics. In evidence are the "12 Fundamental Issues": 1. Where does the universe come from? 2. Is matter only "material"? 3. Why is there life in the universe? 4. Science and religion: inevitable conflict? 5. What is a human person? 6. Is the brain conscious? 7. What is man's place in the universe? 8. Can disorder arise from order? 9. Does mathematics make the real world known? 10. Can you believe in life after death? 11. Are miracles possible? 12. Can there be a world without violence and without suffering?

The site also presents the "Sciences" section, which contains numerous documents sorted by scientific area: astrophysics, anthropology, biology, physics, philosophy, neuroscience, history of science, mathematics.
The "Religions" section (Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, other traditions) presents in-depth articles and writings on various specific issues concerning the relationship between science and religion.

Religious Confession

The Charte published on the website declares how it is conceived as an inter-religious and multidisciplinary tool.

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