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Suggested Readings


"Niels Stensen: A 17th Century Scientist with a Modern View of Brain Organization", by André Parent
Le Journal Canadien des Sciences Neurologiques, Vol. 40 (2013), No. 4, 482-492.
"Can Science Lead to Faith?", by Gary Marcus
The New Yorker, April 26, 2013
"The Life of Pi, and Other Infinities", by Natalie Anger
The New York Times, December 31, 2012
"Chance, by Design", by Stephen M. Barr
First Things, December 2012
"The Truth wears off", by Jonah Lehrer
The New Yorker, December 13, 2010
"Nicola Cabibbo (1935-2010) Obituary", Editorial
Nature Physics 6 , 633 (september 2010)
"Cogito Ergo Sum by MRI", by Allan H. Ropper, M.D.
The New England Journal of Medicine, February 2010