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Hans A. E. Driesch was born in Bad Kreuznach (Germany). A biologist, embryologist, and philosopher of German biology, he studied under Ernst Häckel, who was a materialist naturalist of the 19th century. Driesch opposed his teacher’s thought by developing neo-vitalism, in which he maintained the irreducibility of life to matter. He gave a series called the Gifford lectures at the University of Aberdeen, which in 1907 became part of his most influential published work, The Science and Philosophy of the Organism. The development of his philosophical reflections led to his moving from the faculty of science to the faculty of philosophy at the University of Heidelberg. He later taught in Leipzig and in Peking, China.

The motu proprio De Pontificia Academia Scientiarum was released, in which Pope Pius XI refounded the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Previously, Pope Pius IX had reestablished it in 1847 with the name Pontifical Academy of the New Lynxes; however, during the subsequent political emergence of the Papal States, the Academy waned. Both Pope Paul VI in 1976 and Pope John Paul II in 1986 updated its statutes."


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